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The smartest way to manage transplants 

It's a match, let's swap!
Our Story

Born from a Hackathon in Dublin in 2015, the Kidner Project allies technical and managerial expertises to serve patients' interests.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve access to kidney transplantation worldwide by helping institutions matching kidney paired-exchange programs.


Blockchain enables Kidner to provide a secure and traceable information transferts between healthcare facilities via Smart-contracts.

The Project

How it works

Kidney Transplantions

Individuals suffering from kidney failure today face significant challenges to obtain a transplant. 

They are placed on a waiting list in hope that a kidney from a deceased donor is a transplant match.

However, they do have another option: a living donor; someone they know, family or friend, willing to give them a kidney.

Unfortunately, these people may not be a transplant match, however there is a solution called “Kidney Exchange” or Kidney Paired Donation”.

In these programs, if two mismatched pairs (living donor and kidney recipient) can be grouped together to become transplant match, both kidney failure patients can receive a kidney. 

While a great solution, these programs have a significant pitfall.  They are limited in terms of geographical scope.

The Solution

Kidner is a platform that helps healthcare facilities finding match for kidney paired-donation.


It's a global database, Blockchain-based, secured with cryptographic tools.

Kidner increases the chance to find rapidly a proper match while being fully protected. 

Privacy and confidentiality are preserved thanks to encryption tools and certificates are issued by authorized healthcare entities. The algorithm operates in real time and is decentralized.

When a match is found, Kidner is notified and your Doctor and healthcare professionals receive all the information needed to arrange the operation logistics.

Kidner offers the opportunity to extend paired exchange for all incompatible donor-recipient pairs in a secure and rapid way.

How It Works

Why Are We Needed


The average waiting time for a kidney transplant in the US is 3 to 5 years.

Patients have to go through a heavy process of dialysis at least 3 times a week, negatively impacting their normal social and work life balance.

Being on dialysis is expensive, about $60 billion is spent in the US each year on kidney healthcare [28% of Medicares budget] and transplants are overall much cheaper than ongoing dialysis.

Illness may worsen while waiting for a transplant and in the worst case, patients may die.

3 000 people are too sick to stay on the Transplant List ... 4 000 die on List (each year in the US only)

Current Situation

According to the Global Observatory for Donation and Transportation (GODT), 126 670 organs were transplanted in the year 2015 globally.


84 347 being 66,6% of them are kidney transplants from which 41,8% were from living donors.

5,5% of increase over 2014

With a global ageing population, we are starting to face a shortage in kidney donations.

Kidney Paired Donation represents a solution to the problem. Kidner improve the matching process.


About Us

Sajida Zouarhi

Co-Founder | CTO​

Blockchain Architect

Computer Science Researcher & Engineer

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Maroussia Arnault

Co-Founder | COO

M.Sc. in IT Strategic Management

M.Sc. in Management

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About Us

Kidner project is looking for volunteers and partners to deploy its first prototype. Reach out to us if you have any lead, funding or expertise to make this happen. Let's make a difference.

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