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Dernière mise à jour : 4 févr. 2018

In order to make this promising project a reality, Kidner is looking for talents to ensure its deployment and growth.

How to get there?

We need to expand the core team with new talents and advisors to guide us for the development of this incredible journey!

What are the Core Team Responsibilities?

As the project is still as its early-stage, we're looking for a broad

  • Project Management roles to support the elaboration of the roadmaps of the project, for instance.

  • Business Development and Strategic roles to work further on the business plan, funding possibilities for social investments and enable the growth of the project.

  • Relationship management roles. As we are working on a specific ecosystem and community, we need to ensure patients, healthcare institutions, and medical professionals have the right communication about the development of Kidner.

Who are we looking for?

We are open to any profiles and our main criteria is motivation. :) If you have strategy experience in similar project and have good communication skills it would be a plus to reach out to the community.

The team is essentially based in France but we are accepting remote members.

So if you feel like you can make a positive difference by working on this project, just reach out to us and let us know: how can you help Kidner?

Kidner might just be the project you were waiting for!

What do we offer?

A project where you will build something truly useful for humanity and at the same time work on disruptive technologies that will impact the next decade.

Looking for your next challenge? Drop us a message with your CV and your motivation or connect with us on twitter (Kidner Project), spread the words and share this article around you!

We hope to here from you soon!

The Kidner Team

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